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Okay so like this is like really early build if ur not one of my senpais den u shouldnt be here so get the fuck off of this page and stay off or imma whoop dat ass<------(Ignore dat crazy ho) but um anyways if u are one of mai senpais den welcome ill be updating the game off and on when I feel like ive made enough progress to upload the update i will so ill be debugging and stuff sooooo yeah luv u guys ♥ I will fill this out moar soon...

UPDATE: I should have the demo done by end of next month since I dont celebrate thanksgiving. This means I will add characters, animations complete demo text and maybey a couple other things Like fixing the yoai title menu lel(only a couple of you will know bout that heuehuehuheu) and adding a cool new gui.


This game is currently unavailable


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